This invention relates to certain improvements in a machine for manufacturing frio-tion matches, for which Letters Patent bearing date April 4, 1854, were granted to Wm. Gates, Jr., and II. J. Harwood. The improvement consists in the employment of cams, so arranged and formed as to perform the office of feeders, to move an endless ehain or clamp used in the machine patented by the above, of wedges to open these clamps to receive the match sticks, and to allow the sticks to be discharged therefrom. Stops are also employed to retain or hold stationary the chain of clamps, while the sticks are being received by, or discharged from, them. There is also a device for guiding the match sticks into the clamps, and for holding the bolt in proper place on its bed. It is the invention of S. Miller, of Hammond, N. Y., and William Gates, Jr., of Frankfort, N. Y., and it was patented this week.