At the request of a correspondent we publish (from Tomlinson) the following table of the melting point of metals:— METALR FAH. METALB. FAD. MercinT —29 Lena 612 Potiifsium 13 Zinc 773 Sodium 1(| Silver .1878 Tin 442 Copper 199 (Minium 450 Gold 2016 Bismuth..................... 497 Cast Giron .............. .0.' 2786 Arsenic volatilizes before it fuses, and antimony melts a little below reclness. Professor Draper thinks he has sllOwn that nll substances become red at the same point—l,OOG Fah. -..> . — A TRIUMPH OF SCIENCE.— The liquid of the blood is colorless, and its red appearance is due to the presence of innumerable little bodies floating in it, which nre so small that three millions of them are contained in a drop which may be suspended on the point of a needle. These corpuscles are sncs filled wi:h a compound suhstance, and it has been ascertained what both the film of the sac and its contents nre composed of. Each one of these little bodies has its own life. Thev are formed, and grow, and die; and it is calcnlated that nearly 20 millions perish at every pnlsation of the heart,.