In France it is the practice when horses get their hair rubbed off, or the skin scarified, to apply a blister to the part at once. This, if applied as soon as the injury is done, will it is said, restore ttie growth of hair; it has never been known to fail when applied in time. [The above is from the "Spirit of the Times." We have been informed that apoul-tice of honey and ley made from woodashes is the best substance for restoring the hair; it looks more rational than applying a blister. List of Patent Claims Isssued from the United State Patent Office FOR THE WEEK ENDING MARCH 22, 1853. HYDRAULIC STEAM PUMPS—By ?. ?. Black, of Philadelphia, Pa.: I do not claim a double cylinder pump or water engine, nor opening a valve at the ? ad of the stroke of a steam piston, and injecting water into a steam cylinder, for producing a partial vacuum; but I claim the combination of the double slotted water and steam cylinder, double pistons, and slotted piston rod, arranged and operating in the manner set forth. SEPARATING PAPER BY SINGLE SHEETS—By J. ? Comly, of Dayton, Ohio : I claim, first, a table or range of tabes, connecting with an exhaust pump or vacuum, for separating the edge of a sheet from a heap of paper, by atmospheric pressure, in combina tion with a roller, or its equivalent, traversing to and fro on the upper sheet, for the several purposes of lowering and admitting air between the leaves, presenting the edge of the top sheet to the tubes, and, on its backward stroke, serving to straighten the pile. Second, the tube or tubes aforesaid, in combina tion with the vibrating supporting bar, for uphold ing the forward edge of the sheet when dropped by the tabes, presenting it properly to the fingers, and supporting it from the heap, while being drawn away. TANNING—Roswell Enos & Bela T. Hunt, of St. Charles, 111.: We claim the process of tanning with the use of lime, salt, bran, sumac, and cutch, or any other tanning ia room of cutch, substantially in the manner described, whereby we commence tanning, at the same time that we commence reducing, as the salt and bran overpowers the lime, the tan takes the place of the lime, and converts the hide into more perfect leather, and in less time than can be made in any other way. Hides are not liable to get damaged by our pro cess, as we do not use an article that is injurious to leather It is not on the materials used that we claim let ters patent, but on the manner of applying them to the hide, as set forth. CHEESE PRESSES—By Mills A. Hackley, of Belle ville, N.Y.: I claim the turning table or its equiva lent, in combination with the roller in such manner, that whenever the table is adinsted for turning the cheese, there will be a corresponding adjustment of the roller for facilitating the process of turning the same. KNITTING MACHINES—By Wm. Mansfield, of Dra-cut, Mass : I claim forming the loops, in knitting ribbed fabrics, by the combination of two sets of needles, made to operate together, as set forth, the same enabling me to give important advantages in the construction and operation of the loom. DISTILLING ROSIN OIL—By James Eiley&Wm. Allen, of SouthSeld, ?. ?.: We.claim the process by which we manufacture oil from rosin, by passing it from an alembic, through expanding worms, or their equivalents, surrounded by a jacket of fire-brick or clay, whereby we prevent destructive distillation, carbonization, and greatly economize time, as set forth. HARNESS—By James Stanbrough, of Newark, N. Y.: I claim the forming of rounds, raises, or rolls, on the different parts of a harness or other leather work, by doubling and stitching together a strap of leather, at its edges,Band then binding these edges by a separate piece, and connecting the stitching of such binding, b.y drawing up and fastening by the side thereof, folds of the strap; and this I claim, whe ther the single strap only be used for forming a sin gle roll, or a secondary strap be used for forming two or more rolls, as described. PEGGING BOOTS AND SHOES—By Seth D. Tripp, of Rochester, Mass, (assignor to E. L. Norfolk, of Salem, Mass.:) I claim the combination of each frame, with its supporting shaft, by means of a rock er frame, the same being for the purpose of allowing a free vertical, as well as other movements, as de scribed, by either of the frames, so that it may be guided, in its vertical movement, by the curvature of the upper surface of the sole of the boot or shoe, and horizontally by the cam wheel, substantially as specified. Also the manner of combining the awl and driver with one carrier, made to operate as descnbed,where-by they are alternately presented or brought down against or towards'the sole, by the revolution of the carrier, as specified. Also the combination of the guide with the knife or chisel, and so as to operate therewith, in the man ner and for the purpose of guiding said chisel pro perly against the peg wood, as described. Also the improvement in the construction of the charger, viz , the making of the same, with two or more separate compartments for holding the strips of peg wood, which compartments are to be succes sively brought forwards under the operation of the piston slide, as the several pieces or strips of peg wood are successively cut up into pegs, meaning to claim a combination of a series of compartments, in the one single piston slide, made to operate as set 'forth. Also the combination of mechanism by which the charger is moved, the same Consisting in the opera ting spring, rack, click or pawl, and spring, applied to the upright part of the pawl, the whole to act in conjunction with the piston slide, as described. Also the combination of mechanism for operating the slide, the same consisting of the rack or ratchet thereof, impelling pawl, spring lever, cam, ratchet wheel, and spring hook pawl, as applied to the frame and the bar, and made to operate substantially as set forth, the same causing peg wood to be shoved through the charger, and keeping the pegs in ad vance of the peg wood, and successively forcing them into the correct position over the hole made in the sole by the awl. And, in cambination with the pressure spring, I claim the lever, with its bent projection, spring, bent lever, and cam, the same being for the purpose as set forth. The public debt of the United States doe 1st July, 1853, and which the Secretary ad vertises will be paid on presentation, amounts to within a fraction of six millions of dollars.