Five hundred dollars have been voted by the Board of Underwriters to the Geographical Society, at its solicitation, to be devoted to a series of magnetic observations to be made under the direction of Dr. Kane, the Arctic Explorer on his next expedition. List of Patent Claims FOB THE WEEK ENDING DECEMBER 28, 1852. PARCEL FOR YARDS OF VESSELSBy D. S."Bay-In, of Brooklyn, N. Y. : I do not claim the rocker, simply by itself, a saddle or slide having been heretofore used, and fastened into the swallow-tail of thegaftand boom of sailing vessels, applicable to fore-and-aft sails only. But I claim the combination of the rocker in front of the mast, and capable of a motion in two planes, with the rockers at the side of the same, said rockers being arranged, with respect to each other and the yoke, as described. EXTRACTING GOLD, AMP;C, BY AMALGAMATIONBy M. A. Bertolet, L. Kirk amp;A. M. De Hart, of Reading, Pa. : We claim bringing the ore, in a heated state, into contact with mercury, during the process, as set forth. Also the method of heating pulverized ore, by causing it to pass in a shower through a current of some heated fluid, preparatory to bringing it into contact with the mercury, as set forth. Also, the method of heating the apparatus, the mercury, and the ore, by means of a current of heated fluid, circulated through chambers and pipes, substantially as described, whereby a single current of a suitably heated fluid, and a single system of circulating pipes of simple construction and com pact arrangement, are made to heat the whole of the apparatus that requires to be heated, aad to heat the ore in the process of feeding, and the mercury, in the process ofamalgamating, as specified. WINNOWING MACHINESBy Samuel Oanby, of El-licott's Mills, Md. : I claim the combination of the piston, rack rod, pinion, valves, and 'eccentric pul ley, in connection with a conducting chest, and blower, for the automatic graduation or government of the blast through the spouts, of a winnowing machine, arranged and operating in the manner and for the purpose set forth. ILLUMINATING GASBy G-eo. Danre, Pascal Nicolas, aad Felix Lopez, of Marseilles, Prance. Patented in France, Sept., 27, 1851 : We claim the combination of woody and fatty substances in gas generators, as described, so that the excess of hydrogen in the former may combine with the excess of carbon in the latter, and produce a rich carburetted gas of any required density, and free from sulphurous fumes. TEMPLES FOR LOOMSBy Elihu and Warren W. Dutcher, of North Bennington, Vt. : We claim the arrangement of parts, so that the temples have a reciprocating action, corresponding with the motion given to the cloth, by the beat of the lay, substantially as set forth. COTTtNO PAPERBy J. P. Jarnum, (assignor to himself, J. Jenkins amp; 0. B. Clark), of Andover Mass. I do not confine my invention to the precise formor arrangement of its parts, as represented, but intend, to vary the same to any exte.nt, while I do not change the character of the machine. What I claim is the combination of a press, or its equivalent, for holding the book or paper to be cut, with one or more cutters or knives for trimming the front or one edge, and one or more cutters for trimming one or both of the other edges of the book, the different sets of cutters being simultaneously operated, while the paper or press is moved towards them all, substantially as specified. And in combination with such cutters or knives for trimming one or the front, and other edge or edges of a book, at one operation or time, 1 claim the improvement of combining with them, or either of them, one or more polishing snrfaceB, or their equivalents, whereby the edges of the sheets of paper are cut and polished, or smoothed, ready for gilding, as specified. COTTBUS OF PLANING MACHINESBy Pierce Saul-nier (assignor to J. T. Bruen), of New York City : I do not limit myself to the special mode of construction specified, as this may be changed at pleasure, so long as the principle or character of my invention is retained. What I claim is hanging the cutters to the stock by means of a joint pin, or its equivalent, whose axis is diagonal to the line of cutting motion, and in a plane parallel with the surface being cut, for the purpose of relieving the cutting edge in two directions, when the cutter stock is set perpendicular to the plane of the surface to be produced. Also combining together in one cutter stock, two cutters, hung substantially as specined. and withthe angle of the axis of the two joint pins reversed, as specified for the purpose of relieving both cutters from the two surfaoes, when cutting in both directions, MAONETIO PRINTINO TELEGRAPHBy Royal E. House, of New York City : I claim, first, the employment of electro-magnetic force, in combination with the force ef a current of air or other fluid, so that thti action of the former governs or controls the action of the latter, for the purpose described. Second, the construction of the electro magnet, as described, that is to say, a series of fixed magnets, in combination with a series of movable magnets, arranged upon a central axis, which axis plays between or through the line of fixed magnets, so as to effect a vibratory movement of said axis by a force multiplied by the number of magnets of both kinds. Third, the combination of the electro-magnet with the valve, for regulating and directing the force of a current of air or other fluid, acting as a motive power upon the piston, or other analogous device for producing a vibratory motion, as described Fourth, the endless band, in combination withthe cylinder, as an inking machine for conveying and applying the coloring matter to the paper, at the moment of receiving the impression from the types, as described. Bifth, the combination of the regulating bar, with the type wheel, for the purpose of regulating the proper position said wheel should have, in connection, with a given position of the key shaft, at the moment of printing any letters or characters. HEADINO BOLTS, ETC.By Edward Page, of Albany, N. Y. : I claim, first, the combination of the s stationary die and die pivot with the sliding ham- mers, actuated by the rotary grooved cams, or cam collar, as described. Second, the revolving ring or cam collar, provided with cams or their equivalents, on its inner and outpr surfaces, when arranged with radial compressing ani sliding upsetting hammers, in the manner de- SDsd. SHUTTERS FOR LOOMSBy Wm. Tucker, of Black-stone, Mass. : I claim the combination of the elevator, bent spring, platform, and its recess, passage, and slot, as applied to the shuttle and cop spindle, and made to operate together, substantially in manner and for the purpose of causing the filling thread to be broken, so that no filling thread shall be woven into the warps under circumstances, as stated. HEADING. SCREW BLANKS, RIVETS, AMP;C.By Wm. E. Ward, of Rochester, N. Y. : I claim, in combination with the swedge header and die plate, the giving of a back or receding movement at the end of the heading operation to the follower, against which the point of the rod rests during the heading operation, that the rod or wire may be upset, outside of the die, whilst resistance is made by the follower against the end of the rod, and then as the follower retires, cause the part so upset to be griped between the surface of the die and the swedge to complete the form of the head, the surplus metal being thereby forced into the blank, as set forth. STEAM BOILERSBy Henry Waterman, of Wil-liamsburgh, N Y. : I claim, first, the safety chamber and safety plate, combined with the boiler in any way substantially as described, whereby the bursting of the plate, by the too high pressure in the boiler, causes the ohamber to be filled, and the pressure in the boiler to be reduced by the expansion of the steam. Second, the plate placed between the boiler and safety plate, having one or more small openings, through whioh the steam is allowed to pass to act on the safety plate, and fill the safety chamber, whereby the water is prevented from priminj or foaming, and being carried up by the steam when the safety plate bursts. RAILROAD CHAIRSBy J. P. Winslow amp; J. Sny-der, of Troy, N. Y. : We claim the movable cutter for making the cuts in the edges of the plate, substantially as described, in combination with the slides, which answer the purpose of stationary cutters and rests, to effect the partial bending of the lips, and which afterwards complete the beading of the lips, as described. Also, in combination with the cutter, as described, the making of the mould or former, to slide therein, for discharging the chair, after it has been formed, as described. Also the dies for upsetting and giving additional thickness to the lips, as described, in combination with the bending slides and cutter, substantially as described. DAGOERREOTYPINGBy Wm. G-arnall, of Newark, Ohio : I claim producing ornamental borders and designs of different shades and forms, and singly or in numbers, around any photographic image, by the method of irregular chemicalization combined with the use of pattern slides or chemical cut-offs, all of which is described. "" DESIGN. GIRANDOLEMDASH;By R. E. Dietz, of New York City