Gold is beginning to be quite a common article : discoveries of veins of the once precious metal are bruited every week in some one locality or other, and it is now stated to have been found in the territory of the Cherokee Nation. According to statements published great excitement existed, owing to the reported discovery of gold in large quantities on Horse Shoe Creek, in the northern part of the Nation. The yield was said to be $10 to $12 a day per man. We do not undertake to endorse the veracity of all the various reports which, when inquired into, are very often found to be fallacious, butin this case there is much probability that it is true. Gold has been often found in various parts of the Cherokee Nation. The apparatus which was sent out by the British Government, some years ago, for dis-tilling/mft water from Lake Erie, is still in existence atone of the Canadian Navy Yards, and it is an undisputed fact that all the war vessels intended tor the navigation of the lakes in 1812, were well and thoroughly supplied1 with tanks and casks for containing/resAtoarcr.