No. I.Composition : Gold, 4 parts,; silver, 3 ; copper, 1 ; zinc, 1. No. 2.Gold, 3 ; silver, 3 ; copper, 1 ; zinc, t. No. 3.Gold, 2 ; silver, 3 ; copper 1 ; zinc, 1. The gold, silver and copper must be fused in a crncible, beforethe zinc is added, because the latter is a volatile metal. When these metals are completely f usedthey must be well stirred, and rnn into bars. Solder No. 1 is is for gold sixteen carats fine and upwards ; No. 2 for 14 carat gold ; and No. 3 for gold o Oo.wer qualities. If more zinc is added to any of the above solders it will ?om at a lower heat, but the color is not so good. If care is exercised by any jeweler in making thesc solders, they will be found sufficient for all his soldering operations. D. J. W.