T. B. Pyron, Hartsville, Sumner Co., Tenn., improved Gold Washer. This invention consists of a large uprighttube, having two smaller ones branching into it at a considerable inclination, and terminating in a box or receiver. The upper one of the two smaller tubes is intended to convey the earth or ore, and its mouth terminates in a cylinder furnished with a funnel to receive the earth; within this cylinder is placed another, called the agitator, which being made to revolve, triturates the ore. This is effected by means ot several series of studs, which project from the outer circumference of the agitator and the inside of the containing cylinder. The water is supplied through the lower tube, and as it has a great inclination, the water flushes the earth tubes, allowing the gold, as being heavier, to toll into the receiver.____ A new aiticle of steel pens has been introduced front England; they are simply the old pens covered with guttaperchaand pointed with platina.