Numerous research papers are published every day worldwide. But which ones are most discussed by scientists and the public? Altmetric LLC in London tracks this question by charting how many times papers are noted in 14 online channels, ranging from a set of 5,000 research blogs to Facebook. (Scientific American is part of Macmillan, which is an investor in Altmetric.) Data for 2014 indicates there is a divide: the papers discussed most in academic channels (bluish circles) are different than those discussed most on social networks (red, orange and yellow circles).

To see the top papers in a given channel, such as Twitter, click on one or more of the horizontal bars below, at left. You can see the name and score of each paper by rolling over a circle with your mouse. For a key to all the particulars, select the line that reads “click here to show/hide key.”

Interactive by Jan Willem Tulp; Source: Altmetric