One of ihe greatest and most interesting industrial entertainments came off on Thur day, the 16th inst., which we have for a long time noticed. It was given by the distinguished firm of Rogers, Ketchum, Grosvenor, of Patterson, N. J., to their woikmen. This firm is the most extensive locomotive engine builders in the United States, and employ 800 hands steadily in the construction oi engines, c. There appears to be a kindly good feeling existing between themselves and their workmen, which should especially characterise all such manufacturing establishments. At the time of the said excursion, the numerous intelligent and hardy machinists, engineers, c, had just completed a large and beautiful locomotive engine, one of the best upon the continent; it was got up with despatch, and in a manner so highly satisfactory, that the proprietors, upon its completion, proposed that the builders in person should make a practical test of its power and operation ; nine cars were accordingly selected, to which the new engine was to be applied, and Mr. Hobbs, superintendent of the Union Road, placed in charge. The arrangements of the day were planned and carried out by the workmen of the company.and they were carried out with decided satisfaction. The procession repaired at an early hour to Congress Hall, the boarding place of Mr. Rogers, who was mo3t enthusiastically greeted as the " Pioneer of New Jersey, in the locomotive line, and from thence to Jersey City." The whole proceedings of the day evinced the most spirited, social and enthusiastic feeling which New Jersey perhaps ever witnessed. It was a great day for the mechanics of Paterson. It does us good to hear of a festival of this kind, as it speaks the feelings of the employers and the employed toward each other. Such generous noble acts are not lost to the company, they are duly appreciated, and will be returned four fold by diligence, enterprize, and confidence. Holidays of this kind might with advantage be much more frequent. The locomotive first above referred to, was maufactured for the Camden and Amboy Railroad Company. The locomotive engine woiks of Rogers, Ketcham, Grosvenor manufacture on an average two locomotive engines, and from twenty to twenty-five cais for passengers per week. This is an immense business, unequalled by any firm in the United States.