At the recent show of the Royal Agricultural Society, held at Chester, England, on the Uth ult., five steam plows contested for the handsome prize of 500 ($2,425). Four of the plows were operated by steam engines fixed en the field and moving the " shares" back and forth by ropes and windlassel. The fifth plow (Boydells') had a traction engine which moved over the field. Each of these turned over four furrows at once, and the work was well done by them, all but one, which broke down. The soil was a hard, dry stiff clay. FlIlTOwa of nine inches depth were turned over, and the eompetition was very spirited. The euccessful plow was Fowler's; it executed one 'Bnd three-quarters of an acre in two hours. By offering high prizes for steam plows by our agricultural societies, positive success would soon be achieved. Charles F. Mann, of Troy, N. Y., has recently put in operation a steam plow, which we Lave heard well spoken of by those who have seen it work.