It will be noticed by reference to the official list as it is published in this number, that there were issued from the Patent Office last week eighty-seven patents. Of this number thirty-two were granted to inventors whose papers were prepared and presented through the SCIENTIFIC AMEBICAN Patent Agency. Inventors who have business of this character to transact will need no other assurance than the above, that what cannot be successfully accomplished through us will scarcely be worth contending for. The scrutiny and care with which our cases are examined before the application is made for the patent, and the attention paid to prosecuting rejected claims, inspire inventors generally with full confidence that whenever an invention is novel and entitled to a patent, it is sure of success in our hands. We do not expect and do not ask for protection for any improvement unless it is new, and by careful examination into our cases we are able to report unfavorably upon more than one-half of those that are presented to I us, without incurring the expense of an appli- ). cation. Circulars of advice sent free of charge.