PROBABLY no investment of a small sum of money brings a greater return than the expense incurred in obtaining a patent, even when the intention is but a small one. Larger inventions are found to pay correspondingly well. The names ot Blanchard, Worse, Bigelow, Colt, Ericsson, Howe, McCormiek. Hoe and others, 'vlio nave amassed immense fortunes from their inventions, a re well known. And there are hundreds of others who have realized large sums—from fifty to one hundred th°u- sand dollars—and a multitude who have made smaller sums,rang- ing from tweniv-five thousand to fifty thousand dollars. irom their patents. The first tiling requisite for an inventor to laiow is, if his invention is patentable. The best wav to obtain this informal ion, is either to prepare it sketch and deseriplion of the invention, or construct a model, and send to u. reliable and experienced patent solicitor, and ask advice.e connection inventors are informed that ^ M U N N&O O ., Publishers of the ciiitific percent;n 37 Bark Mow, Neiv York, Have been encased in the business of Soliciting Patents for nearly twenty.- five years, and have the most extensive facilities fortransactmg such business; of any concern in Hie world. M.&Co. have examined and reported morethan 50,000 INVENTIONS, And prepared thepapers for morethan 25.000 APPLICATIONS For Patents during the last quarter of a ccntury. the past ten years, the cases filed in the Patent Office by them, are about one third of the entire number of applications filed. Their corps ofspecittcation writers and counselors are made up from the ranks of t he Patent Office, and are men capable of rendering tile best scrviec to the in- ventor,from the experience practically obtained while examiners m the Patent Office. MUNN&CO. Offer their services in preparing Specifications and Drawings for Patents, Caveats, Re» issues, Designs, Trade Marks, Extensions, Interferences, and Assignments. They also prosecute r EJECTED j- PPLICATIONS, 'Which have been improperly prepared by the inventor or incompetent ntt torneys. Good inventions are often rejected :Por no other ri^asoii than tiiut the cases were not properly presented to thePatent Office. Inventors should bear in mind that Patents are often worth more in foreign countries than in the United States, and the reduce-cl prices for uiiieh they are now obtained in England, Franee, and in other countries, reu, del' it within the means of most persons to patent their inventions abroad. For instructions concerning FOREIGN PATENTS,"' REISSUES, INTERFERENCES, HINTS ON SELLING PATENTS, RULES AND PROCEEDINGS AT THE UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, THE PATENT LAWS, FEES, ETC., SEE « HINTS TO INVENTOES," Which is Bent free by mail on application. Advice free. Everything ccm fidential. Address alt communications to MUNN&CO., PUBLISHERS SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, 37 Park How, New York, ^ Office in Washington, corner of F and Seventh streets. October 23, 1869.] JfteirtHfo Swmcm. 271 VALUABLE PATENTS FOR SALE.—The The Patent right for the six New England States for Kenyon's Patent Corn Picker and Husker, Letters Pat. tliern'or (No. 68,085) having been issued to Silas B.'Keii- yon and Milton C. Jeifers, Aug. 37,18 7. Also, the Patent Kight,forthewho1e “United States,t'or Dorman's Patent Self-Lubricating Axle and .Journal for Carriages, under Letters Patent No 57,100, issued to Lathrop Dorman,Aug. 14, 186G. Tile above are worthy tile attenrion of al 1 wishing all -uteres!, in valuable patents. Also. for sale, BOO Greene's Put. Rides. Apply to HENRY G. DENNY, Administrator ofthe Estate of James C. Merrill, 37 Court Square, Boston, Mass. Great improvement in crushing ana Grinding. To Miners, Ironmasters, Manufacturing Chemists, Superphosphate Makers, Bone Grinders , Dyewood Workers, etc., etc.--E. P. BAUDITS Patent Sectional Crushing and Grinding Mills,for reducing to powder rocks, ores, slag;, bones, logwoods, .all kinds of mineral gu ino, and other tough and hard substances. -For illustrated circular address BAIJUH&SONS. 20 S. Delaware ave., Philadelphia. PATENT rIGHTS SOLD ON ^OMMIs"- SION, and Valuable Inventions introduced by the most expericneed Patent Salesmen in the* Union. Can refer to oyer one hundred inventors for whom ,ve have acted.E. E. ROBEftTS&CO., Consulting Engineers, 15 Wall st.,Ncw York. WOOD-WORKING MACHINErY.—THE subscriber is the New York Agent for all the Manufacturer's, and sells at their prices. 3 tf cs. C. D.1LLS, A MEXICAN TINNED J\.SHEliT IRON. Coating uniformly over tile entire sheet, by an entirely new and patented process. All sizes and gages oil hami and made to order. H. W. BUTTERWOUTH&SON, 25 eow ti 29 and 31 llaydock st., Philadelphia, Pa. BLACK DIAMOND FILE WORKS. ASHCROFT'S LOW-WATER DETECTOlt will Insure your Boiler against explosion. JOHN ASHCROFT. 50 John st.. New York.M tf ^ WANTED—AGENTS—To sell the AMERICAN KNITTING MACHINE. Price §25. The simplest, cheapest, and best Knitting Machine ever invented. Will knit 20,000 stitches per minute. Liberal inducements to Agents. Address AMERICAN KNITTING MACHINE CO., Boston, Mass., or St. Louis, Mo. Richardson, meriam&co., Manufacturers of the latest improved Patent Dan iels' and Woodworth Planing Machines, Matching, Sash and molding, Tenoning, Mortising, Boring, Shaping Vertical and Circular Re-sawing Machines, Saw Mills, Saw Arbors, Scroll Saws, Railway, Cut-off, and Kip-saw Machines, Spoke and Wood Turning Lathes, and various other kinds oi Wood-working Machinery. Catalogues and price lists sent on application. Manufactory, Worcester. Ma^f. Warehouse, 07 Liberty St.,New York. 17ct PO WEB LOOMS^^Zt Spooling, Winding.I-Seaming,Dyeing,and Sizing Machines Self-Acting/Woof-Scouring Machines, Hydra Extractors Also, Shafting, Pulleys, and Sen-Oiling Adjusahl e Han ers, nianuf'd Ey TUOS. WOOD, “106 Wood St., Plulad'a.Pa WOODBURY'S PATENT Planing and Matching and Molding Machines/!ray&Wood's Planers,self-oiling Saw Arbors, and other wood working machinery. S. A. WOODS,1 91 Libei ty street, N. Y.; Send for Circulars. (67 Sudbury street, Boston. Boiler felting saves twenty- five per cent of Fuel.JOHN ASHC.ROFT, 16 tf50 John st. New York. The Harrison Boiler. This is the only really safe BOILER iir,the market, and can now “be ^rnished at a GfiEATLT SEDCOST. Boilers of any size ready for delivery. For circulars, plans, etc., apply to HARRISON BOILER WORKS, H l' JOHN” A. COLEMAN, Agent, S6Kilby st. Boston, Mass.19 tf os Dratving Instruments OF Every Description, for Schools, Colleges, Civil Engineers, etc., of Brass, German Silver, and Swiss, Drawing Materials, Chesterman's Steel and Metal lie Tapes, Transits, Levels, etc., etc. A priced and Illus trated Catalogue sent free onaM)llcation. L 728st., Philadelphia. Q A W^Q EVERY DESCRIPTION O-Ol V t S • Guaranteed under a forfeiture ot $1000, to cut the most lumber with the least expense Henry Disston&'Son, PHILADELPHIA. Special attention paid to our new style Circular, Belt, Cross-cut, Mill, and Hack Saws. Orders received from England, Ireland, and the Continent. Drawing Materials. PA W1 HATMAN'S PAPERS.—White and Yel low Roll Drawing Paper, 40 and 54 inc iifj wide Tracing Muslin, Tracing Paper. Muslin-backed Drawing Paper, 40 and 54 inches wide. Winsor&Newton's Colors Inci ia Ink. Faber's Drawing Pencils, etc., etc. Priced Catalogues sentfree. JAS. W. QUEEN&CO., 924 Chestnut st. Philadelphia. INCREASE TWIST DRIL..S, FLUTED HAND REAMERS, exact to Whitworth's Gage, and Beach's Patent Self-centering Chuck, manufactured by Morse TwistDrilland Machine Co., NewBectford, Mass. [7 TURNER, Civil, Railway, and Mechan iral T?inrinp(n- Afldw^c care ot W JACKSON :Jo ical Engineer. Address, care ot W. JACKSON 04 Walnut st., Philadelphia, Pa, Factory, Trenton, N •• . •.OH! ce, H o. 54 .Jacob st., N. Branch Ofiicefor Pacific Coast, So.60S .Front San Francisco, GaL PAT. SOLID EMERY WHEELS AND OIl STONES, for Brass and Iron Work, Saw Mills, and Edge Tools. Northampton Emery Wheel Co.,Leeds,Mass. Have you a tubular boiler?— I am now prepared to repair leaky Boiler Tabes, in whatever condition they may be in, and to warrant all repairs satisfactory or demand no pay. Men and tools ready at all times. Do not plug or remove the tubes Send for circular.JOHN F. RIDER. 47 Dey St., New York. THE Architectural :Review, AND American Builder's Journal. By SAMUEL SLOAN, Architect. Volume 1, bound in extra Cloth, now ready. Price $7 50 This Review is Boyal Octavo,and published Monthly. Each part containing sixty-four pagesof letterpress, together with eight full-size page illustrations—the latter mainly in wood, but occasionally in lithography or chromo-lithography. The terms are Fifty Cents per Monthly Part, or Six Dollars pee Annum, payable n receipt of the subscription price. Allordersshould be addressed to the Cliixton, Bemscn Haffelfinger, 819 and 821 Market st Philadelphia,Pa. Excelsior Lubricator For Cylinders of Engines. The most durable and best oil cup, manufactured by B. E. LEHMAN, Lehigh Valley Brass works, Bethlehem, Pa. Send for desc'ivecircular. Pevey's Oupola, ARRANTED to Melt, with one tun of CGal, 2000 lbs. of Iron more than any other Cupola” now in use. ABIEL PEVEY, Patentee and Proprietor, Lowell,Mass. Van Tuyl&Co., No. 273 Cherry st., New York, Agents. ,w MAYS&BLISS, MANUFACTURERS of PATENT SCREW _/!_ and Lever Presses, Power Presses, Double-acting Presses, Cutting and Stamping Dies, Machinery for Petroleum Cans. Tinner's Tools made to Order. Catharine Ferry, Brooklyn, N. Y. Plymouth st., near Bridesbwrg Marnfg Co., OFFICE No. 65 NORTH FRONT STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA., Manufacture allkinds of Cotton and Woolen Machinery new SELF-A CTING MULES AND LOOMS, Of tfte most approved utyle. Plans diawn and estimates furnished for factories of any size. Shafting and mill gearing made to order. MASON'S PAT'T FRICTION CLUTCHES are Manufactured by VolneyW.Mason&Co., Prov ideuce, R. I. Agents, R. BROOKS&CO., 123 Ave.D,New York ; TAPLIN, RICE&CO., Akron, Ohio 16tfeow PORTABLE STEAM ENGINES, COMBIN- ing the maximum of efficiency, durability and economy, with the minimum of weight and price. They are widelyand fayorably known, more than 100 beingin use. All warranted satisfactory or no sale. Descriptive circulars sent on application. Address J C HOADLET J,” CO. Lawrence , Mass