Probably no investment of a sall sum of monney brings a grea ter return than ttie expe nse incu rred in obtaining a patent, eveen when the invention b hut a small one. Largeer tn-^V ventions are fo undc to p ay Vcllrespondingly well. Th e L lalmes of Blanchard, Morse, Bigelow, Colt, .Eriesson, Howe, McCormick, Hoe, and others, who have amassed immense fortunes from their inventions, are vlcll known. And there arc hnndreds (d' othcrc who have realized lara;e sums-from fifty to one hundred thuu- sand dollars-and n mttiR de who have madt; srn0aller fUm8,rang. iagiom twenty-five thorId ;o fifty t(husrnd dollars, llrom their patents. The fi1;i thing requisite fo!: ( an inventor [o know is,if his invention is n eatentable. The best wayto cbtain t'ln 111- form nltht;on,is either to flllare a Rl(c tc b6 and d cscriptioll of the invention, or construct a moclde l, ann sed to a reliablc and CX- pcrienieed pat ent s olicit or,,and as],advice. this connection iUventors are infor me d t hat MUNN & c o'., PuLlishcl'S of the 3' Park Rmo, New York, Have been enOaged in the business of Soli c i ing Itents for nearly twenty-fve years, ana have the most extensive facilitiei for transactin. such bUSIness, of ahy concern in the world. )1. &O.lHWO exarine and reported more than 50,000 INVENTIONS, And prepared the papers for morc than 25,000 APPLICATIONS For Patents e1uring the lnst qnartCl of a century. For the past ten yeaI, the cases filed in tIle Patent Office by them, are about one tillRd of the entire numher of applications filed. Their ( orps ofspecilication writers nnd counselors are made up frorn tho ranks ( f thc Patent Officc, and are men capable of rendering the 1hcst servicu!;: the inventor, from the experience practically tltainecl wl1ile examiners In the Patent Office. MUNN &, co. Of. their services in preparing Specifications nn( Dr a" in g H f01 Patent(, Caveats, Reissues, Designs, Trado 11arks, Extensions, Interferences, and Assignments. They also prosccufe fejected jpplications, Which have beep impropcrly prcpnrcc by the in10tor 01 incompetent ntt, torneys. Good lIly elltions arc otten re.jctcd ur no other reason than that the cases were not properly presented to the P atoeu t Office. Inventors should b(ar in lllind that l'atents are o rten worth more in for. eign countries than in the United Sta tes, and the reduced prices for w1 1ieh they are now obtained in England, Fra nce, and in other countries' render it within the means of most pl'r.olS to patent their inventions abro ad. lor instructlons concerning FOREIGN PATENTS, ' REISSUES, IN'ERFERENCES, HINTS ON SELI,[NH l'ATRNTB, RULES AND PROCKDIXGS AT THE UNITED S'A'E[ PATENT OlfJICE, THE P ATENT IA 'VS, FEES, ETC ., iEE cc ZKIUXTTS TO INVENTORS,"" "Which is sent free by mail 011 application. Advice free. Everything c , fidential. Address all communications to MUNN & co., PUBLISHERS SOIENTIFIO AMERIOAN, .1 Park Row, Weiv York, Office in v V ushington, corner of ' and Rn",mth streets.