This populous city ot the dead is now arrayed in its summer attire, and its cool shades attract a large number ot visitors. On an average, IS interments take place there daily; and passing the gateway from morning till night, is nearly an unbroken line ot funeral processions. During a small portion of the year, the daily number of interments reaches 25 or 30. Since the 1st of January last, the interments number 2,760. The total number of interments since its first organization to the present time, is 26,470, of which 22.712 were made previous to the opening of the present year. The first interment took place in September, 1840. Some very fine monuments are now erected in it, and we presume that no other single burial place in the world gives employment to so many persons. This city of the dead overlooks New York Bay, and the grounds are very beautiful. A railroad festival was had at Savannah, Geo., on the 2nd inst. It was a grand affair