This invention employs a grinding burr or stone in combination with adjustable rests. whereby articles or substances may be ground very rapidly, and by very simple means. It is mainly applicable for grinding food for stock, although it can be applied to other useful purposes. It is the invention of Chas. Tripp, of Ann Arbor, Mich. -' ComlIissioner Hour's decision, as published in our last number, is attracting general attention already. We have received letters strongly in praise of its ability and liberality. It encourages inventors to set themselves to work under the conviction that their rights will be properly cared for at the Patent Office. .------^e------------- Removal.We regret to state that Capt. Herbert has been removed from the position of Chief Examiner in the Patent Office. He was a useful and much esteemed officer, and we sincereiy hope that the causes which have led to his removal may be set aside, and he be restored again to his former position. ------------ .------------ The highest speed ever made on the ocean was by the clipper ship Flying-Scud, 460 miles in twenty-four hours.