Measures to secure a patent for the above havebeen taken by James Campbell, of Ma-con, Ga. Carpenters and cabinet-makers will appreciate the advantages of this machine, which performs its work with great rapidity and correctness. It is intended to cut cross and other grooves in wood by employing an S-shaped cutter in combination with two cir cular saws, these three tools being fixed on a horizontal revolving mandrel, which can be adjusted to suit whatever depth it may be re quisite to cut the groove. The saws make the incisions and the cutter completes the re cess by removing the wood, and makes the groove square, perfectly smooth and true. The operation of grooving at different angles and widths is facilitated by indices marked on the sliding carriage, which moves transversely, and therefore teeds the stuff in that direction, but is susceptible ot alterations for feeding at any angle.