It is said that not only flutes are made of India rubber, but canes, violins, and guitars ! Indeed, by some new process the material is made so hard, that it is difficult to find tools with which to work it. Oliver Routh, the second engineer of the steamer St. James, which blew up last July, killing Judge Preston and others, on Lake Ponchartrain, near New Orleans, has been in dicted for manslaughter, a wonder truly. Literary Notices Gleason's PiCTOltUL Drawing Room Compa nion—Since the commencement of this journal its character has greatly improved, .both in the quality and quantity of the illustrations. yol. IV. commen ces on the 1st of January,-and the publisher guaran tees great improvements, besides a reduction of the price. Up to this time the literary character of the Pictorial has not corresponded with the general ex cellence of its illustrations. It has been altogether too light, but hereafter this apparent defect will be remedied by the addition to the regular corps ofcon- tributorFl, of Ann S. Stephens, Mrs. Sigourney, MrB. Neal, Misses Cary, Hastings Weld, H. W. Herbert, T. Buchanan Read, T. S. Arthur, Ben. Perley Poore, Dr. J. V. C. Smith, Park Benjamin, etc. With such able pens, assisted by the best artistic talent' our country affords, there is nothiDg to prevent the Pic torial from taking a high rank among the standard publications of the day. We belieTe the publisher has abundant means to afford the subscribers a splen did paper. The following are the terms of the pa per :—One subscriber, one year, $3; two subscribers, $5. The paper will be for sale at all the periodical depots throughout the country, after the 1st of Ja nuary, at six cents per copy. S. French, Agent. Nas sau street, corner of Spruce, New York. The Children of Light—By Caroline Chese- bro, published by Redfield: New York.—We have been highly gratified with the perusal oNhis work, which is l': fresh production from the pen of its ta lented authoress.. Woman's heart is the theme, and none but a woman herself could have performed the task of ably depicting that enigma. The result has been a work of uncommon interest, full of noble sentiments and liberal ideas. Plighted vows and faithlessness in man, womanly pride, and womanly tenderness form the episode. The plot is simple, al most too much 80 for the generality of readers who, now- a-days, are not content with anything in the shape of a novel that is not one continual scene of excitement. Cap Sheaf—By Lewis Myrtle : Redfield, New York—A collection ofpretty unpretending tales that cannot fail to amuse its readers ; they are written in a plain familiar style, which delights from its ve ry simplicity. We are rejoiced at the appearance of such works, which are content with giving pleasure without forcing us to be always upon stilts , our mo dern writers are too apt to imagine that they are more entertaining 'as they become more obscure, and think it a. feat of genius to lose themselves in a labyrinth of thoughts and expressions which it is impossible to understand. It will be enough to say that Lewis Myrtle is not one of this class of au thors. National Portrait Gallebt-Nos. 8 and Qjust received ; they embrace portraits and comprehensive biographies of Timothy Dwight, Joel Barlow, John Trumbull, John Jay, John E. Howard, and Gilbert Stuart. This excellent work deserves the patronage of. every person interested in the lives and character of America's dead and living great men. Price of each number 25 cents. R. E. Peterson&Co., Phi- ladelphla; William Terry, 133 Nassau street, N. Y., aitent The New Enqlander—No. iv. Yol. 10, of this Quarterly completes the present volume ; it con tains eight able articles on different subjects, not one of whieh could have been written by an inferior mind ; it is published by F. W. Northrop, New Ha ven, Conn. We are indebted to Messrs. Dexter&Bro. for the December numbers of Godey's Lady's Book and Ar thur's Home Magazine; Godey hl\s.fQ.rnished a splen did number, full of fine embellishments. Peterson's Magazine for December contains seve ral spirited pictures and contributions of merit. For sale by Dewitt&Davenport, Tribune Buildings, New York.