INSTRUCTIONS HOW TO OBTAIN LETTER PATENT FOR NEW INVENTIONS. Information about Caveats, Extensions, Interferences, Designs, Trade Marks; also, Foreign Patents. Foe a period of nearly twenty-five years, MUNN&CO, have occupied the position of leading Solicitors of American and European Patents, and during this extended experience of nearly a quarter of a century, rhcy have examined not less than fifty thousand alleged new inventions, and have prosecuted upwards of thirty thousand applications for patents, and, in addition to this, the v have made, at the Patent Office, over twenty thousand preliminary examinations into the novelty of inventions, with a careful report on the same. The Important advantages of MUNN&CO.'S Avency are,that their practice has been teD-fold greater than any other Agency in existence, with the additional advantage of having the assistance of the best professional skill in every department, and a Branch Office at Washington, which watches and supervises. when necessary, cases as they pass through official examination. MLNN&CO. ask Special Attention to their SYSTEM OF DOING BUSINESS. CONSULTATIONS AND OPINIONS FREE. Those who have made inventions and desire to consult with us are cordially invited to do so. We shall be happy to see them i n personat our office,or to advise them by letter. In all cases, they may expect from us an honest opinion. For such consultations, opinion, and advice, we make no charge. A pen-and-ink sketch and a description of the invention should be sent. TO APPLY FOE A PATENT, A model must be furnished, not over a foot in any dimension. Send model to MUNN&CO., 87Park Row, New Ia. ork, by express, charges paid, also, a a description of the improvement, and remit $;6 to cover first Government fee, and revenue and postage stamps. The model should be neatly made. ofany suitable materials, strongly fastened, without glue, and neatly painted. The name of the inventor snould be engraved or painted upon it. When the invention consists of an improve” ment upon some other machine, a full working model of the whole machine will not be necessary. But the model must be sufficientlyperfect to show with clearness the nature and operation of the improvement. PRELIMINARY EXAMINATION Is made into the novelty of an invention by personal search at the Patent Office, which embraces all patented inventions. For this special search and report, in writing, a fee of $5 is charged. This search is made by a corps ol' examiners of long experience: MUNN&CO. wish it distinctly understood, that inventors who employ them are not required to incur the cost of a preliminary examination. This examination is only advised in more doubtful cases. COST OF APPLICATIONS. When the model is received, and first Government fees paid, the drawings and speciQcation are carefully prepared and forwarded to the applicant for his signature and oath, at which time the agency fee is called for. Thisfee 1s generally “ not over$25. The cases are exceptionally complex if a higher fee than $25 is called for, and upon the return of the papers, they are filed at the'Patent Office to await Official examination. If the case should be rejected for any cause,or objections made to a claim , the reasons are inquired into and communicated to the applicant, with sketches and explanations of the references; and should it appear that the reasons given are insufficient, the claims are prosecuted immediately, and the rejection set aside, and usually with No Extra Charge to the Applicant. MUNN&CO. are determined to place within the reach of those who confide to them their business. the best facilities and the highest professional skill and experience. The only cases of this character, in which MUNN&CO. expect an extra fee. are those when appeals are taken from the decision of the Examiner after a second rejection ; and Munn&Co. wish to state very distinctly,that they have but few cases wnich can not be settled without the necessity of an appeal ; and before an appeal is taken, in any case, the applicant is fully advised of all facts and charges, and no proceeding's are had without his sanction ; so that all inventors who employ Ml*ss&Co. know in advance what their applications and patents are to cost, MUNN&CO. make no charge for prosecuting the rejected claims of their own clients before the Examiners; and when their patents are granted, the invention i s noticed editorially in the Scientific American. REJECTED CASES. MUNN&CO. give very special attention to the examination and prosecution of rejected cases filed by inventors and other attorneys. In such cases a fee of $5 is required for special examic ation and report, and in case, of probable success hy further prosecution, and the papers are found tolerably well prepared, Munn&Co. will take up tie case and endeavor to get it through for a reasonable fee,to be agreed upon in advanceofprosecution. CATEATS Are desirable if an inventor is Dot fully prepared to apply for a Patent. A Caveat affords protection, for one year, against the issue ofa patent to an” other for the same invention. Caveat papers should be carefully prepared. The Government fee on filing a Caveat is $10, and Munn&Co.'s charge for preparing the necessary papers are usually from $10 to $12. REISSUES. A patent, when discovered to be defective, may be reissued by the surren del' of the original patent, and the filing of amended papers. This proceed- iag shO'ild be taken with great care. DESIGNS, TRADE MARKS, AND COMPOSITIONS Can b patented. for a term of years, also, new medicines or medical com pounds, and useful mixtures ofall kinds. When the invention consists of a medicine or compound, or a new article of manufacture, or a new composition, samples of the article must be furnished, neatl: put up. Also, send us a full statement of the ingredients, proportions, mode of preparation, uses, and merits. PATENTS CAN BE EXTENDED. All patents issued prior to 1861, and now in force, may be extended for a period of seven years upon the presentation of proper testimony. The extended term of a patent is frequently of much greater value than the first term; but an application for an extension, to be successful, must be carefully prepared. Munn&Co. have had a large experience in obtaining ex tensions, and are prepared to give reliable advice. INTERFERENCES Between pending applications before the Commissioners are managed and testimony taken; also, Assignments, Agreements, and Licenses prepared. In fact, there is no branch of the Patent Business which Munn&Co. are not fully prepared to undertake and lIl.anage with fidelity and dispatch. FOREIGN PATENTS. American inventors should bear in mind that, as a general rule, anyin” vention that is valuable to the patentee in this country is worth equally as much in England and some other foreign countries. Five Patents-American, English, French, Belgian, and Prussian-will, secure an inventor exclusive monopoly to his discovery amoag one hundred and thirty millions of the most intelligent people in the world. The facilities of business and steam communication are such, that patents can be obtained abroad by our ; citizens alll1()St as easily as at home. Mxms&Co. have prepared and taken a larger number of Europaen Patents than any other Agency. They have agents of great experience in London, Paris and other capitals. A pamphlet, containing a synopsis of the Foreign Patent Laws, sent free address MUNN & CO 87 Park Row, New York.