A Goliad correspondent of the Celorado (Texas) Citizen gives some curious facts in relation to the grasshoppers which have recently swarmed in that region. He says :— " They have an especial fondness for wheat and cotton, but don't take so kindly to corn. The only vegetable they spare is the pumpkin. The most deadly poisons have had no effect upon them ; fmnes of sulphur they rather like than otherwise; musquito nets they devour greedily; clothes hung out to dry they esteem a rarity; blankets and gunny-bags they don't appear to fancy. They swim the broadest creeks in safety, sun themselves awhile, and then go on. The whole mass appear to start and move at the same time, traveling for an hour or two, devouring everything in their way, and then suddenly cease, and not move perhaps for a week, during which time no feeding is noticed; and finally, they carefully avoid the sea-coast."