There have been some exceedingly warm days during the past month, and we have heard many old people say, "they were the warmest of any within their recollection." We understand that this extreme heat has not been confined to one district of our country, but has been telt in a number of the States— South and North. In Charleston, S. C;, the mercury has been as high as 101 in the shade —a heat of atmosphere about as high as that of the blood, and at which a white person is almost rendered incapable of breathing. The mortality in oar cities, especially, is greatest during the warmest months. There is also more disease and sickuess during such weather. Many causes contribute to this result, but means may be adopted to prevent, at least in a measure—such evils. Excess is the cause of much disease—temperance in all things, is the grand preventive. In warm weather, fat meats, and alcoholic drinks are dangerous, because these contain a great deal of carbon— the heat sustainer of the body and are therefore least necessary in hot weather. Excess of physical and mental labor should also be avoided in warm weather, one extreme is enough for the human frame to endure at once. Citizens, who seek recreation in the country should avoid, for the first few days, any extraordinary effort, and should not walk, ride, or sail, for more than one hour at once in hot sunshine. We believe that many people, especially in our cities, do themselves great injury by excessive drinking, and not that of alcoholic beverages alone, but mixed drinks of various kinds, beers, soda waters, &c, and cold water. The Arab who endures with such constancy the burning heat of the desert, is a moderate man in his drink; but while we say this much, it is impossible for any person to go through very violent exercise in hot weather, without drinking a great deal of some liquid. Our larmers, in general, are very prudent in Shis lespect; the majority of those who die in .New 1'oric Uity, trom overheating themselves, are foreigners. Our object in writing this article, at present, is to direct attention to the benefits of moderation—temperance in all things—as we hold it to be the grand sale-guard of health, and during the hot months of the year, people are very often tempted to forget and neglect the practice this virtue.