In the course of the past week we have received not a few communications on this subject, some from amateurs and some from j persons calling themselves professional horse-tamers, but all deny the use of any drugs, and one correspondent, who says that he acquired his art from the original Rarey, in- | forms us that he adopts no such means. That I Mr. Rarey has tamed vicious horses, we are bound to believe ; that the temper of any animal may be subdued by kindness we know by personal experience ; but that the majority of the persons who are now perambulating the country, taming anything, from horses to black beetles, are humbugs, we are convinced, and we should strongly advise no one to purchase their pretended secrets, but wait and see the effect of time on the animals they have treated. In the meantime, as a taming mania seems to be pervading the whole of our rural districts, we will give a receipt that can be safely practiced until we are able from authentic sources to publish what is at present the great secret. Be kind to every animal in your possession, or that may come across you in the day, use less whip and more persuasion, backed by a little choice feed, keep the animals lodgings clean and sweet, and pay attention to its body; take in fact the greatest care of your cattle or horses, become fond of them individually, and they will become fond of you ; in a word, treat all animals with the attention and respect they dserve, as fellow laborers, and, our word for it, you will never regret the trouble.