On Friday last week the heat was so great in our city, that no less than 50 persons were sun struck. During the week we understand that about 200 persons lost their lives with the heat; they were nearly all foreigners, and mostly natives of Ireland. For thirty years no such excessively hot weather has visited our city. No less than 100 deaths by beat occurred last Sunday. Literary Notices THE ENGINEER AND MACHINIST'S not however, a translation. The Drawing Book is based main y upon the work of M.Le lllaoof whose method and illustrations are followed bat tb"EnK list, editor has incorporated the useful matter of other standard t.eatises, and also addedmucloriei nal matter. The work is systematic and progrfs-sive; it commences with a description of drawing instruments and materials, and a preparatory series of exercises, which make the student fam?l Ir with the Pnnciples of geometry required. In proper order all the difficulties and mysteries of Mechanical Drawing are to be elucidated Plain and practical instructions are given for representing the most ? complicated machinery. The illustrations on wood I and steel are numerous and beautiful. We find nothing about the work to blame. It promises to become the best book upon the subject. To becom- 5Pi1eentsneaicrtSiNOS-I'2l3iand4arii88Ui'1 P ?"'?tLn5EiERTOinr Am PKINOETON REVIEW -Th"*w" Geological Quarterly, for July, published at 2" Chesnut street, Philadelphia, but edited by Dr. Charles Hodge, D. D., of Princeton, N. J contains four leading articles'on different sub jects'of religious interest, and a fifth contains the proceedings of the late General Assembly of the Old School aeSUhUiaenOminati0?' Whih Wa8 hM at Philadelphia. These proceedings are of great interest I THE NEW ENQLANDEB—F. W. Northrop, New Haven, Ct.—The August number of this well known magazine and review is worthy of its high reputation. The articles are chiefly on matters of interest at the present time ; we would commend to notice, particularly, the article on Layard's Diecoveiies. HOUSEHOLD WORDS—A journal conducted by Charles Dickens : American edition published by McElrath & Barker, 17 Spruce street, N. Y. This publication has a circulation in Great Britain of about 90,000, and is gaining a strong hold in this country. Dickens, as a writer of prolific genius stands acknowledged before the world : human nature in all its phases he understands, and with wonderful facility he turns it into effective interest to his host of admirers. Terms $2perannum. Monthly Parts, 25 cents.