The fire should not be permitted to die during the winter, by keeping th'e fire up an immensity of trouble is saved, and it is also cheaper. The reason is this: the coal burns out during the long wintry nights, because the door of the stove is shut—whereas, if the door is left open, this will not be the case.— Less coal is therefore consumed. There is no danger of leaving the door open, as the drart is always strong enough to carry the sparks up the pipe or chimney. If any one sleeps in the room, the upper sash of the window should be lowered two or three inches, even in the coldest weather. To keep the fire in, shake down the ashes on retiring, fill up the stove with coal, and leave the door open if you wiA to save yourself a deal of trouble in the morning, and at the same time economize coal. A new law upon patents has appeared at Vienna. No patent will be granted except to the inventor himself; and the inventor, if a foreigner, must previously have taken nut: a patent in his own country. Otherwise, all foreign inventions may be freely imitated in Austria,