We have received a communication from J. D. Rice, No. 397 Market street, Phila., which states that the information which we received about the hydraulic ram from the " Report of the Committee of Science and Art" of the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, is full of error. The communication states that the ram said to have been put up in the town of Naples, N. Y., (as mentioned on page 13, this Vol., Scientific American) to supply it with water, has never distributed a single drop.— The Town Clerk of that village furnishes this information. The hydraulic ram of Bifken-bine, which was put in to supply the Girard College, it is also stated, has been taken up, and that institution is now supplied with water from a pump operated by a steam engine. This is a question of facts in respect to certain statements ; who has done wrong in propagating errors? This is to be answered by our Pennsylvania friends