With this invention, by the simple revolution of a driving crank shaft, the inking roller is moved forward and made to ink the form and the card at the same time, is carried forward and left upon guides or supports of the platen, said inking roUer and card feeder returned to their original positions, and at the same time the printing form is brought up with a heavy pressure, and caused to print the card which was left upon the supports of the platen. The cards are fed to the form singly, and the hopper in which they are placed is made so as to accommode all sizes. This is an exceedingly simple press, and very perfect in its operation. It is the invention of W. W. Clarkson, of Baltimore, Md. Patent Cases.—Besides the reaper case, two other important suits have been decided in the United States Circuit Court sitting at New Haven, viz. :—Burr vs. Copperthwaite, for using Taylor's patent for forming hat bodies. Judge Ingersoll decided that Taylor's patent was not an infringement of the Wells' patent owned by Burr & Co. A decision was also rendered in an important sewing machine case, namely, Wheeler & Wilson and Grover & Baker against parties for using rough surface and spring pressure feed. Decision rendered for plaintiffs. We are compelled for want of space to omit the " points" involved in these cases, but will en deavor to give them next week, as they are very important.