A new and useful composition for covering roofs of buildings, 'c., has been invented by Thomas Scholey, of Peoria, 1ll., who has taken measures to secure a patent. It is also applicable as a coating for pipes or for covering walls, 'c., and possesses many advantages that render it superior to other cements. Some of these latter, particularly those applied to roofing, are liable to crack in cold and to get soft in warm weather, neither of which evils occurs in the above-named composition. This new cement is hard, so that it can be polished to any extent, but from the nature of the materials employed, is slightly elastic and incombustible, it has likewise moisture-repelling qualities. The English are beginning to send coal to Vienna. They have a depot at Dresden, from whence they are sent to Prague, and are there cheaper than Austrian coal. A specimen of the bread made from bread fruit,-_tas been exhibited in the Boston Exchange. It is a thin, semi-transparent sheet, of a brig" brown col", and in norespect resembles any preparation of bread nmting us. 1852 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, INC