A Cider Mill of an improved construction has been invented by John M. Hanford, of Howell's Depot, . ., who has taken measures to secure a patent. In this machine the cider mill is made with two screws and iol-lowers, one on each end, and having a crushing or grinding apparatus in the centre, under which is placed the pomace receiver. This latter is slatted for allowing the juice to run through during the process of extracting it by the screw, and is divided into two compartments, which are separate although connected together, so that, in fact, there are two receivers. It is in this latter circumstance that the principal merit of the invention consiste, for, by this arrangement, there is always kept up a continuous supply for the crushing apparatus, as either receiver is always in the centre underneath, and according as the operation is performed, is drawn off to the right or left under its proper screw, where the juice is squeezed out and the refuse discharged, after which the receiver is drawn back again to the crusher, and the other receiver forced under its proper screw, and thus the operation is Carrd on alternately with each. The ma- ehine is fixed between two upright posts upon a platform, to which wheels are attachad, so that it can be moved about, and is furnished with stops for regulating the distance, that the receivers are to be moved back and forth.