A velocipede adapted to the use of all, old or young, large or small of either sex, skilled or unskilled, in which the pleasure of the exercise is enhanced by association, is the one of which we give an engraving. The action and details of this invention are so well delineated by our artist that scarcely any description is necessary. In looking at the picture one is seized with desire to mount and enjoy the exhilarating sport. This machine is designed for use in private and public pleasure grounds, or to be let by the hoar at large fairs and other public gatherings at which we can conceive of nothing more likely to prove remunerative. It combines all the advantages of the circular railway, so popular at Saratoga Springs and other pleasure resorts, with only a small fraction of the cost of such railways. The way is made of scantlings or planks so arranged as to form a circular course upon which the combined efforts of a party of riders can get up an extraordinary speed. The handles are merely for the purpose of steadying the riders, as the apparatus needs no guidance. Each wheel when manned, either by ladies or gentlemen, is a driving wheel. Brakes can be attached if desired. The arrangement of the apparatus in a pleasure ground or courtyard may be made very ornamental, and it will afford inexhaustible and healthful merriment to persons of all ages. It would seem impossible for the most worn-out man of business to mount one of these seats with a party of spirited young people and not forget for the time that he was other than a rollicking lad in his " teens." It does one's heart good says our enthusiastic informant, to hear children fairly shriek with glee as the maximum speed is attained. It has moreover this advantage that there is less liability to accident than with many other amusements of which children are fond. Probably no more durable, useful, and attractive applica- tion of the principle of the velocipede -than this has been brought out. It is capable of enlargement to accommodate more riders, and contains elements of popularity which will doubtless amply remunerate its ingenious inventor. Patented through the Scientific American Patent Agency, May 4, 1869. 'Address for further information G. J. Sturdy & Co., 118 Dorance street, Providence, R. I. State and county rights for sale.