Measures to secure a patent lor the above have been taken by John Thompson, of Oquawka, III. The distinguishing peculiarities of this drill consist in the manner of regulating the depth of the furrow and the pressure of the rotter, also in the plan adopted for distributing the seed. The latter machinery derives its motion from one of the wheels which, unlike its fellow, is not attached permanently to the axle, but merely partakes of its motion through the intervention ot a clutch ? which is forced up to it by a spring, so that when the person in charge pulls back the clutch, the delivery ot the seed is suspended. A boss fixed on the axle rotates with it and fits snugly in the lower part of the hopper, so that the seed cannot escape except by two opposite recesses in the periphery of the boss ; these, as they become filled, pass on, whilst the seed cannot fall from the recess until directly over the furrow, being retained by an apron over the boss. The share placed in front of the hopper can be easily set for any required furrow, and the two covering shares are placed obliquely, so that they collect the earth. The operation is completed by a roller, which is regulated in a manner rather similar to the share.