In large steam boilers the furnace bars are generally put in separately, so that those which burn out can be readily removed, and new ones substituted. The removals are usually very frequent, and the supply of new bars forms quite an item of expense in the use of steam power. Tlie New York Sun, speaking of Van Syckel's patent furnace bars, says : — " In our own experience in keeping up steam night and day, six days in the week, a set of ordinary bars, costing $10 or $15, burns out every six weeks or two months. The improved bars have been in constant use for about five years, and only now require to be changed. Of course, we could not be persuaded to give them up. Engineers and steamship proprietors may profit by our experience, if they like. Van Syckel's patents are now furnished by the Salamander Grate Bar Co., A. D. Melick, President, office, No. 30 Pearl i street, New York,"