An improved press for lithographic printing has been invented by H. C. Spaulding, of Hartford, Ct. The object accomplished by the improvement consists in giving a uniform and forcible impression to all parts of the stone with the expenditure of but a very small amount of power. The arrangement of Mr. Spaulding for effecting this object is this:—a wood or metallic air-tight chamber or tub, containing water or other fluid, with its bottom or one side composed of india rubber or some other water-proof elastic or pliable material, is used to give the impression; said chamber being furnished with a tube and plunger, and the pliable bottom or side of the chamber serving as thetympan. By applying pressure to the plunger, an equal amount ot pressure is transmitted by the water or fluid to every part of the tympan, and by using a small plunger an immense pressure may be obtained with a small expenditure of power. Measures have been taken to secure a patent.