Elias A. Swan, of tbis city, has invented and taken measures to secure a patent lor an improvement in the mode of carving upon wood, marble, and other substances. The principle parts of this machine consist of a carriage to support the materials upon which the carving is performed, and certain devices for giving the required motions to the material or to the cutters, or to both the material and cutters together, with the requisite tools lor various descriptions of carving made in the form required to be used in the machine. Among the improvements invented by Mr. Swan is the manner ol giving to the material to be carved a transverse in combination with a longitudinal or circular motion while in contact with the cutting tool or tools, the lathe being stationary or ot giving these motions to the tools while the material is stationary or of giving a part of these motions to each, as required, to produce the intended design ; these motions are produced by a toothed-pattern wheel and guide, the pattern operating an instrument which has the power of and operates like a pair of shears which extend down from the pattern to the material to be carved. The upper ends or handles of the shears enclose the toothed pattern, and have its form communicated to them, being held to it by an india rubber or other elastic belt— several other improvements are added by the inventor, which make the machine a very good article for accomplishing the important object required.