An improvement in mills for grinding has been invented by T. D.A. Humphrey, oi Pine Grove, Pa. The novelty consists in an arrangement by which the ground grain is separated into various qualities. The fine or superfine flour is carried to the packer to be deposited in barrels, another portion is conveyed to the bolt to be re-bolted, and the coarser portion back to the eye of the mill stone to be re-giound. In this manner the various qualities are separated as desired. The means adopted to effect this result are briefly as follows :—a series of conveyor reels or propellers and spouts are used, the propellers are three horizontal shafts with spiral wings, like the threads of a screw, some turned to the right and some to the left, according to the direction in which it is desired to convey the HQUT, C. The main or middle propeller shaft is placed immediately and longitudinally beneath the bolt, and spouts from this propeller convey the ground grain to other propellers, by which it is conveyed to the place desired, thus saving the labor of separating by hand, and at the same time performing the work more readily and correctly. The inventor has taken measures to secure his invention by patent.