John A. Burnap, of Albany, N. Y., has ta ken measures to secure a patent for an im proved double suction and force-acting pump. The improvement consists in employing two pistons within one cylinder, each united to a separate rod, which are made to rise and de scend alternately so that a continuous flow of water is obtained, each piston performing the two operations of suction and force at the same time. The upper parts of the piston rods terminate in racks, between which a cog wheel is placed, having an alternate move ment imparted to it by a lever attached to its axis and which causes the pistons, as above-mentioned, to rise and descend alternately thus serving the purpose of a pump with two separate cylinders. The other improvement consists in the peculiar arrangement of the air chamber, which is farmed by encii cling the pump cylinder in whole or in part by another hollow cylinder, the communication between the two being made by a passage leading through the top of the latter.