An improved instrument of the above description combining lightness with strength, has been invented by E. B. White, of Nashua, N. H , who has taken measures to secure a patent. It differs from the one that is at present used in the shape of the stationary main jaw, which is hollowed out on the front and back, and strengthened with flanges, the screw working in a tapped hole serving as a nut, which, is formed in a lug or projection of the stationary jaw. This screw is connectedly a plate round its neck, to the movable jaw, which is furnished with lips that fit snugly on the flanges of the stationary jaw. and slide over them, as the screw is turned to the right or left. One of the lips being cast with the movable jaw, and the other made separate and jtcrascaA-an-jSy. this arraugement it will be seen that any sized rope may be placed between the jaws, and secured, as they can be moved to any requisite distance apart, or be brought as close together as may be required.