The form of hanger known as the universal hanger for shafting, from its utility in leveling and lining shafting, and the reduction of friction accomplished by its use, has grown into general favor. Our engraving illustrates still another improvement upon this form of hanger. The engraving will show that the same general principles of construction as have hitherto been employed, are retained, viz., bearings having their a,es placed at right angles ; but the vertical screws engage with the upper and lower halves of the box, which is divided as shown. This arrangement enables the box to be made in halves and held together without the use of special bolts for this purpose, the upper and lower bolts in this hanger performing a double office. The convenience of this arrangement is manifest, and besides the additional convenience, the fact that the wear of boxes may be taken up by the vertical screws, is another consideration in favor of this form of hang-er. An application for a patent on this improvement is now pending through the Scientific American Patent Agency, by J. Gallatin, Jr., of New York, and the hangers are manufac - tured by the Gallatin and Brevoort Machine Works, 223 Front street, New York.