A self-acting brake tor wagons on common roads has been invented by W. D. Williams, of Raleigh, N. C. This brake is intended for retarding the velocity of a wagon while going down hill, and is so arranged that the action of the horse ir. drawing, when arrived at the bottom, will restore the brake to its former position, where it will remain while the wagon is on level ground. The arrangement consists of two iron clamps encircling the front axle, and each connected to a front hound by a link and two joint pins. The hounds are secured to the sides of the reach as well as to a cross-piece, and the latter by rods is connected to a similar piece, which carries the bar for actuating thr brake blocks. An additional advantage of this brake, due to its capability of swinging on a centre, is, that it can be thrown forward when it is desired to dump the load, and then replaced in its for mer position.