The engraving shows a simple device designed to lessen friction and save wear upon the axles of vehicles; it consists of three or more collars placed upon the bearing part of the axle, and fixed in place by set screws, the rings or collars being reinforced where the screws pass through them to give them uniform strength throughout. These washers receive the weight of tlie vehicle, and when worn may be easily replaced. Vashers have been heretofore used as beai-ings for carriage wheels, but securing them in the m"jiner indicated and reinforcing them as described, must increase their utility. The washers or collars are made of hardened steel or iron, and thus are likely to prove durable. Patented June 8, 18C9, by Thomas Spurrier, of Sharon, Pa., who will cither sell the entire right, or rights for States or counties, and who may be addressed as above.