The combined machine herewith illustrated is intended for thrashing and winnowing wheat and other grains, and delivering tlie berries,or kernels, in a fit state for market,free from chaff, sand, and other impurities. It is driven by water, steam, horse, or Other convenient power. The grain, as cut, is fed Into the breaker or thrasher, A, as usual, the construction of this portion not being es-entially different from that of ordinary thrashers. The straw and grain is then deposited, by the action of the rapidly-revolving thrasher-drum on the inclined perforated apron, which is double, as seen in the section, Fig. 2, and receives a rapid vibratory motion by the interposition of belts, the lower end being at the same time raised and lowered in consequence of the double apron being suspended from fixed points, B, on the sides of the machine. The serrated bars on the perforated incline receive the straw and by means of its rapid vibrating and lifting motion, the apron delivers the straw through the chute, C. The kernels and dust, with other impurities, not carried off with the straw, fall through the apertures in the upper floor of the incline on to the corrugated floor, D, Kg. 2, by which they are carried up and dropped from the upper end. on to an incline, which carries them down to a series of vibrating sieves, the grain and debris being subjected to the action of a rapidly-revolving fan, E, that drives off the dust and light and imperfect kernels, the solid grains being discharged at P, ready for the market. A perforated slide, just over the delivery, P, may be used to regulate the supply of air to the fan to induce a stronger draft. A patent for these improvements is now pending through the Scientific American Patent Agency. Further information may be obtained by addressing Seip & Schmeyer, Macungie, Gehigh county, Pa.