An improvement in mills for sawing logs or lumber of any kind, has been invented by Henry S. Perrin, of Oxfordville, N. H., the arrangement of Mr. S. is substantially the following:—A semicircular or curved saw is hung in a rocking saw gate, rocking or turning on centres on the outside, a little below the centre of the saw sash. The pitman may be forked and take hold of arms projecting backwards from the sash, and hinged upon it, a little below the centres upon which it turns, or it may be attached in any other suitable manner, extending from it horizontally or in any other direction as may be desired. The pitman is hung in a bearing near its centre, and the lower portion slotted for the reception of a sliding box, within which the wrist of the driving crank turns. The log slides through the saw frame in the usual manner, It will be perceived that a great amount of friction is avoided by the above arrangement. The saw may be kept steady by a set of rollers, between which it turns in its cutting stroke, which will also prevent the saw from " running " or turning from its true course.