Edmund Victory, of Watertown, N. Y., has taken measures to secure a patent for the above. The improvement consists in the employment of a revolving tubular head, which is furnished with a pair ot drawing rollers, whose axes are perpendicular to its axis, and which can be used either in a separate machine or in combination with the bobbin, and fly frame or cop spinner with live spindles. The object proposed is to be able to both draw and twist the sliver or roving, at the same time. This is effected by a combination of geared wheels, which so connect the revolving head with the drawing rollers that the sliver or roving while being drawn off the spool by another set of rollers intended for that purpose, and which revolve at a less speed than the head and drawing rollers is stretched or drawn out by these last, and at the same time twisted. The thread is then conducted by another set of rollers to the flier, by which the final twist is given and it is wound on the bobbin. Any number of heads and drawing rollers may be employed in the same frame, but when used in combination with the bobbin, and flyers or live spindles, the heads must correspond in number with them.