Jerome B. Greene, of Worcester, Mass., has taken measures to secure a patent (or a new temple for looms, the construction of which is simple and the expense trifling. The cloth is held between rollers placed over or under each edge of the cloth turning on an axis transversely to its edges, and adjustable cups or guards made nearly globular, surrounding the said rollers. These guards have deep recesses in their opposite sides, iorming jaws, through which the edges of the cloth pass. The rollers have points upon their peripheries within the cup, to prevent the cloth from sliding from the temple, or the cloth may be held by friction between conical portions of the roller and the guard. The rollers are operated by helical springs upon their axes, which serve to keep the rollers apart, and consequently the cloth at a proper tension. The rods which form their axes are bent in the form of a syphon and are attached to the breast beam by their ends opposite the cups and rollers through which they pass, so as to give a small amount of elasticity to the axes and their attachment while the cloth is passing through the temple.