An improved mode of constructing gun ocks has been invented by P. F. Charpie, of Mount Vernon, Ohio, who has taken measures to secure a patent. The arrangement is a fery simple and effective one, with hardly a | Dossibility of lailure, when in operation. The ; mprovement consists in a new method ol j )perating the hammer by means ol the spring ind trigger. The force of the spring is com- j nunicated to the hammer by a double or joint-id stirrup attached to a pin passing through ;he hammer a short distance from the centre, ipon which it turns as a fulcrum. The end it this lever, opposite the fulcrum, catches in-o notches formed on a small stationary block ipon the bed plate, and in this manner secures he hammer at half cock or cock, as desired, vhen the hammer is brought to either of those ? ositions. ?