T. L. Jones, of Natchez, Miss., has invented certain improvements in mills for sawing logs. Mr. Jones has a method of communicating power from the wheel or crank to the saw sash, by which considerable friction is avoided, and the mill rendered far more portable. The manner in which this is accomplished is by using a short pitman attached to the crank of the driving shaft, by means of an elbow or bent connecting rod. This prevents the pitman, although much shorter than those of the usual construction, irom moving but a very short distance out of line with the saw sash. Mr. Jones has also taken the power to give the feed motion to the carriage directly from the driving shaft, instead of taking it from the saw sash, in the usual manner. This prevents the lateral motion frequently given to the sash, by attaching the feed to it, and,at the same time, gives an effectual and regular motion to the log. Measures have been taken to secure a patent.