As many inventors who have made applications for Patents, feel anxious respecting the results, especially as they have experienced the feelings of " hope delayed, aijikelh the heart sick," we would state, tffat the reason why there has Been ss much, delay in examinations, was owing to,an inadequate examining force, and thef" many changes which have taken place in the Office during the past year. Not less than a thousand cases, unex-amined, were on the. files of the Offlc last week, but as six additional Assistant EKJJ miners have been appointed recently by-'the New Commissiener, Judge Masorf, we.e"jific.1 'mt-tftHlKwtefewe* W W fj's VK * ed.and that in future, we shall have no sueh accumulations of unexamined applications it the Patent Office. No application should re main in the Patent Office longer than one montl beiore it is examined. We have known Examiners to give themselves, and the Office much unnecessary trouble and labor, by too hasty rejections—this they should be exceed' ingly careful to avoid for their own sakes, ant that of Inventors.