Capuchin monkeys employed stones as hammers and anvils to crack open nuts at least 700 years ago, according to new archaeological evidence. The stones represent the oldest record of nonhuman tool use outside of Africa.


Pilots from more than 30 countries will converge on Hawaii this month to participate in the first annual World Drone Racing Championships.


Researchers discovered a natural reserve of helium in the Rift Valley—a finding that could help mitigate future shortages of the nonrenewable gas. Helium is used in MRI scanners, superconducting magnets and space exploration vehicles.


Anthrax hospitalized at least 90 people and killed one in northern Russia. Experts think the bacteria involved came from a reindeer carcass that had been frozen in the permafrost and melted after a streak of high temperatures. Scientists have warned of the spread of infectious diseases as the planet warms.


The Philippines became the first country to make a dengue vaccine commercially available. The dengue fever virus infects 390 million people every year, mostly in Asia. Several Latin American countries are also now in various stages of rollout.