Rising ocean temperatures are melting Greenland's ice caps at three times what the rate was before 1997, according to a recent data analysis of meltwater runoff and ice-cap mass. The island's melting ice caps account for a third of global sea-level rise.


Ozone pollution is damaging rice at an important stage of its growth, a new study has shown. China loses more than 1 percent of its rice crop yield for every day that high concentrations of surface ozone occur.


This past March a Japanese man became the first human to receive an injection of “reprogrammed” stem cells donated by another person. Mature skin cells were converted to an embryonic state before being transformed into retinal cells to treat the man's eye disease.


University of California, Berkeley, researchers mapped out a plan for developing renewable power and reducing fossil-fuel dependency in Africa. The project would establish wind and solar farms in 21 countries in the continent's densely populated eastern and southern regions.


Scientists found traces of Salmonella and other human-carried pathogens in the breath of orcas in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of North America. Storm-water runoff and sewage may be a source, and researchers worry the parasites could be killing the whales.