Sapphires have been found in only one region of the Great White North, but a recent study reports that the gems can form under a wider range of pressures and temperatures, giving clues to where more may be hidden.


A joint American and Irish research team has found that the best aid for people stung by a lion's mane jellyfish is a vinegar wash followed by a heat pack. These jellyfish swarm Ireland's coastlines from June to September, causing beach closures.


A Swiss reinsurance company has developed a new policy for hotels near a coastal reef off southern Mexico that would help cover the cost of rebuilding this Caribbean habitat following natural disasters.


A recent Royal Academy of Engineering report recommends that the U.K. start making more biofuel from waste, such as sawmill residue and whiskey dregs, rather than from food crops, such as wheat.


Health care and government officials are planning to build a 90-resident community for people with dementia that is intended to resemble a small town. Afflicted inhabitants of a similar village in the Netherlands reportedly require fewer medications.