A staggering 88 percent of adults viewed the total solar eclipse that swept across the continental U.S. in August, a national study found. At least 20 million traveled to see it, and many others watched it online.


Seismologists say the soft soil under Mexico City, which was once the bottom of an ancient lake, exacerbated the effects of a magnitude 7.1 earthquake that killed hundreds of people in September.


A U.K.-based Formula One racing team has built the “Baby Pod 20”—a container inspired by racing car technology for transporting babies more safely in ambulances. A children's emergency service is already using the pods.


An animal-rights group settled a lawsuit with a British photographer over “selfies” supposedly taken with his camera by a crested macaque in Indonesia. The group claimed the copyrights belonged to the monkey.


Researchers found that giant panda habitats have declined significantly since the species was first listed as endangered nearly 30 years ago. Although the iconic animal is now designated as merely “vulnerable,” scientists are concerned about the increasing fragmentation of its home territory.


Dubai conducted a test flight, sans passengers, of what it called the world's first drone taxi. The two-seater pilotless vehicle, developed by German company Volocopter, is hoisted by 18 propellers.