The Fredericksburg (Va.) Herald says the application of guano the last season or two, has been so highly satisfactory, that many farmers are operating on a large scale this fall. One produce house in that city has received an order for fifty tons from a Rappa-hannock farmer, and another for thirty tons. The Herald says:— We have also had cited to us several instances wherein practical results were shown from the application of guano. One gentleman, whose means were rather limited, commenced a few years ago by the application of fifty pounds. At that time his farm raised a bare sufficiency of corn to support the ordinary want of "his household and stock, whilst in the way of wheat he had but a small quantity to sell. He increased the application gradually as his increased crops allowed, until this year he has one hundred and fifty barrels of corn to sell, besides a very fair crop of wheat. He is able to apply what will be equal to about four tons of guano this fall, when but a few years since his means allowed him an application of only fifty pounds.